Foreign Insight: The Ambassador Talks about Coffee

I think your coffee is famous everywhere around the world

BL: Business Lounge Journal

CK: Casper Klynge

BL: I heard that our coffee quite famous in Denmark?

CK: Absolutely. Yup. I think your coffee is famous everywhere around the world basically. But it’s true that, you know, if you going into–. You know in Copenhagen like many other big capitals everybody seems to be barista that this day and they’ve become very famous for being barista. So when you walk around in Copenhagen and you find small coffee shops in almost on every corner. And today, of course, the trend is very specific a region of coffee so you get yourself most specific coffee want from one part of Java and even try different sort but your white coffee is a bit blind for Indonesia also in Denmark.

BL: Is it true that northern European country drinks coffee a lot?

CK: Absolutely. I have to admit I’m not the biggest coffee drinker myself. I like my espresso after meal but if you going to an office in Denmark, and then you will see a lot of coffee marks going around and another being to get the 3, 4, 5, 6 marks of coffee on the daily basis just to get through the working day, so absolutely how much of it come from to Indonesia I don’t know. But my case would be quite a lot of.

BL: I also heard that Northern European Denmark didn’t really like take out cups?

CK: Well I think, I think that’s what I but the takeaway culture is certain also hit in Copenhagen and now coffee shop whether it’s one of the other I think they’re being quite successful and also putting coffee into a temporary paper cup and letting people bringing along. So, but I think I mean in the sense of people enjoy sitting around the table over a real a cup of coffee in China but it would’ve been in the plastic cup.

BL: I think it will also contribute to the happiness isn’t it?

CK: The coffee or the paper cup?

BL: Coffee of course. I can imagine coming calm with a paper cup and burn your tongue and everything.

CK: Perhaps you on to something. Perhaps it’s our high intake of Javanese coffee that make us so happy. I mean perhaps that the secret behind our happiness.

Business Lounge Journal/VMN/BLJ