Atists during Pandemic: Rebecca Louise Law

(Business Lounge Journal – Art)

BL: Business Lounge Journal
RL: Rebecca Louise Law

BL: Tell us a bit about your background and what your profession.
RL: I am an Artist. I live in the UK and I work sculpting dried flowers into copper wire. I specialise in large scale installations that the viewer can experience by walking into the artwork. 
BL: How is the current situation in England at the moment, dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic?
RL: Uncertain and fearful. We are all trying our best do reduce the risk of spreading infection but the longer time goes on anxiety is spreading throughout the country. Deaths are continual, jobs are lost, domestic violence is a worry and general mental health of very isolated people. Those of us that can help are doing whatever we can and our nhs is working flat out. 
BL: How do the Britain government handles it and how do the people reacts to it?
RL: As best they can. Everyone feels desperate and let down. The response from most is to try our best, but some are extremely angry.
BL: How do you meet your daily needs in the pandemic situation?
RL: My husband goes to the supermarket once a week and we also buy weekly shopping for some local elderly couples that are at high risk.
BL: From your opinion, how does this pandemic affects the daily life and work flow in Britain and what sectors do you think are most affected?
RL: Daily life is frantic for most but also limbo. A strange existence within your own home. Many are working from home amongst home schooled children. Some have been furloughed, forced not to work and worried for the future of their jobs. There are many without work and completely isolated, these people are going to need care and attention immediately. The most affected sectors are the restaurants, arts, sport, leisure and entertainment, most of these employees were on short term contracts or freelance and they are all going to need support. 
BL: How does this pandemic affect an art Art worker such as yourself?
RL: Everything has been either cancelled, cut back or postponed. 
BL: According to your local news sources, when would the lockdowns be lifted/eased?
RL: June 1st things are supposed to be softly changing.
BL: What do you missed the most during this lockdown?
RL: Freedom to go anywhere without fear.
BL: Please tell me about your early plan for this year before this pandemic happened! Do you have any scheduled event!
RL: I had an exhibition planned in Parma, Italy. I installed the main installation as the virus hit, it was never opened. I’ve given the artwork to the city to have permanently, due to the horrific circumstances. An exhibition in October has been postponed to February and international private commissions have been cancelled until 2021. 
BL: What’s your current project?  (Tell us a bit about it!)
RL: I’ve been working on an exhibition since November 2019 that focuses on the seasons and daily life in nature. I record each day in a diary and take a short video of one element that stood out. These studies are going to be exhibited alongside an installation made from natural elements that I‘be been collecting throughout the year. It has become a labour of love, I’ve committed to posting a video everyday on Instagram. I work on the diaries continually and I’ve found it an incredible exploration of self as well as the earth and all it provides. This will be shown in February 2021 at Compton Verney Art Gallery, UK. 

Ruth Berliana/VMN/BLJ