Between a Rock and a Hard Place

USA President Election Cover(Business Lounge Journal – Foreign Insight)

The first US Presidential Candidate debate for the upcoming election to determine: Who will be the 45th president of the United States, has taken a rather predictable turn. Both candidates, Donald Trump from Republican and Hillary Clinton from Democrat were trading snipes and jibes to each other and there’s not quite a word to describe what just happened. The debate begun with Donald Trump comes up strong on foreign policies, but Hillary comes prepared when it comes to the racism affair, even managed to goad Trump.

Prediction on how the debate would turn into a complete fiasco has been widely discussed by a lot of people worldwide, as US Presidential Election always drew attentions globally. The other nations after all, whether we like it or not, would depend on whatever outcome of US Presidential Election – that’s how influential this nation has been. Let’s say if you work around stock market, chances are your superior might have already issue a note for you to watch the whole debate in order to predict the impact on currency and market situation.

But for an American who lives and doing business abroad like my friend Jon Aliwarga, the latest debate doesn’t bother him much.

“I’m not gonna vote” was his reaction. “How come we can’t have other choices…there are three other parties that doesn’t get a time on screen, but we’re supposed to choose between two? I would say that the democracy system in America is broken.”

Jon has lived in Indonesia for years for study and family business and he has familiarize himself with the local custom and languages. He used to tell me that during the last election, he voted The Constitution Party, one of the alternative party available beside Democrat and Republican.

Reality struck as if the American caught between a rock and a hard place, but the rest of the world was affected as well, as many nations are preparing themselves for whatever will happen. My friend from South Korea just told me how talks on a scenario if Seoul would be left alone to face its neighbour, has been intensified. And a few months ago, an internal brochure issued by a Swedish senior commander stated that the Swedish armed forces must have a “capability of armed battle against a qualified opponent.” Sweden has not been at war since 1814, but Stockholm suddenly feel the urge to increase its combat capability, and it can’t be caused by fear of Russia alone, as this is not the first time Russia shows heightened aggression in its border.

With Seoul has tied a long military cooperation with Washington and Stockholm’s intention to deepen its ties with NATO, it’s clear that every country that has ties to America, or those who held animosity toward it, would held their breath to see the result of this election.

“I’d rather be a businessmen here in Indonesia or everywhere else,” said Jon. He’d rather not to be bothered with the election this time and focus on the furniture business that his family has built in Indonesia.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt once quoted:Let us never forget that government is ourselves and not an alien power over us.” With the current American politics seems riddled with uncertainties and question marks on honesty, reputation and future, it’s best that the candidate would be more open, and not be alien to the voters, also to show greater intention to unify the American people, so honest working people like my friend Jon would not have to throw away his vote over a confusion. And I believe, it would greatly impacting us worldwide as well.

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