Interview Session with Lorenzo Rudolf

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(Business Lounge Journal – Special Report)

As nation grows, economically and socially, so does its art scene. Indonesia, a developing country that boasts a big number of artists and art collectors in Asia, enjoys the new chapter in their history, where art can finally begun to take center stage. The latest Art Stage Jakarta was participated by 50 galleries from Indonesia and abroad, and successfully attract a crowd of enthusiastic visitors.

Listen to Mr. Lorenzo Rudolf, Founder and President of Art Stage Singapore and Art Stage Jakarta, on answering the questions of;

1.) The difference between Art Stage Singapore and Art Stage Jakarta, as well as the art scene between these two neighbouring countries.

2.) The curious case of Indonesian’ millennial fondness of taking (a lot of) selfies in art gallery.

3.) The Quest for Freedom of Expression in South East Asia. Will control loosen in the near future?

(Subtitles included in Videos)

Interviewed by Josephine Liong/VMN/BLJ