What of Europe?

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(Business Lounge Journal – Essayon Global) The recent UK referendum resulted in a too-close-for-comfort win by those who favour the UK leaving the European Union, after 43 years being a member of the union. The bow-wave of this referendum resulted in multiple reactions; British Pound sterling hits the lowest value in 30 years, stock plummets, property sales decreased, Prime Minister resignation, and internet forums were rife with disappointed millennial.

Millennial, highest in favour of Bremain, a portmanteau for “Britain Remain”, were pitted against those who favour Brexit, or “Britain Exit”, which observably hailed mostly from the previous and older generation. A very rare occasion, where conflicts between generation rarely escalate from minor disagreement, today it has decided a fate of a nation.

Is this a bad thing?

Some argue that people above 70 shouldn’t participate in a vote that would decide the fate of the nation for the younger generation, other argue that due to their experiences, they cannot be excluded from such votes.

The older generation, dissatisfied with recent EU immigration policy and the policies of Brussels, being two of the main motives for supporting Brexit. But an interesting thing that we should highlight here, is the immigration issue.

The immigration issue, highly intensified due to the recent Syrian Civil War that saw millions of Syrian and Iraqi jamming the border of Turkey and those who could afford approximately $9000, took their chances with the smuggler’s boat to reach Europe. Still fresh with the image of a body of Syrian boy who washed ashore on Turkey, Germany open their heart and door wide open.

But one night in Cologne changed it all.

Although the flame of hostility has been there for a long time, the New Year’s Eve in Cologne became the turning point for some. A group of refugees, under the influence of alcohol, instigating an act of sexual harassment in Cologne that followed by other refugees. “The Mass Rape in Cologne”, as media puts it. The flame is now fanned, and it continues to intensify.

Sweden, famous for its tolerance, liberalism, and perfect example of socialism, was one of the first who with open arms, accepting refugees and asylum seekers to its fold. But those days are passed. Since rape cases by refugee in Sweden arose, the rise of right-wing movements also follow through. The ultra-nationalist party of Sveridgedemokratina quickly overlapping other political parties.

Other European countries follow through. Austria, France, Italy, Finland, and others were drown in the same ultra-nationalism euphoria that steadily rising; even Germany, who used to be very cautious of such issue, begun to writhe.

As generation gap resulted in massive disagreement, the fire of ultra-nationalism burn almost unchecked, and right wing movement continue rising, whilst refugees still pouring European floodgate each days, the future of Europe become more and more uncertain.

Will the land of Handel, Bach, Nobel, Curie, Pythagoras, and Shakespeare sink further under the weight of unchecked dissatisfaction? What about the future of the new generation of Europe, the land of thinkers, the role model of tolerance, the land of culture and art, the exemplar of progress?

What of Europe?

As now it is befalling to the new generation, it’s time for Europe to reflect and contemplates on their own history, and we should hope for the best, that Europe, for its own sake, would choose what’s best for them.

Writer: Correspondent from UK
Picture: Business Lounge Journal