Investment Infographic Series – Part 1

seaport - Cover

(Business Lounge Journal – Special Report) Lies at the intersection of the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. Over half of all international shipping goes through Indonesia water.

The Government of Indonesia aims to establish a “maritime toll road” as part of its strategy to connect all of its islands from Sumatera to Papua in order to improve logistics, reduce inflation and create larger impact of economic growth for Indonesian people as a whole.

The concept of a maritime toll road is to implement a sea transportation network across the Indonesian archipelago by using large sea vessels from Belawan (Sumatera) right across to the Eastern part of Indonesia in order to maximize economic connectivity.

With More than 17,000 islands across 7.9 million square kilometers of sea, and 81.000 Km Coastal Line, Indonesia’s maritime frontier is offering plenty of economic and strategic opportunities.

seaport development

This infographic is associated with BKPM (Badan Koordinasi Penanaman Modal).

Art by : Jonathan Didi