Unwavering Faith

White, white, and blue
Bright, bright, and true
As if my sight always runs into you
As if the light always shines upon you

Run, run, my friend keep on running
Fly, fly, throw yourself up to the sky
Dream, dream, keep on dreaming
Fight, fight, without asking why

Down into the ground you may fall
Hurt until it’s bleeding you may feel
As if you’re just waiting for a call
As if you’re hoping this isn’t real

Black, black, and dark
Crack, crack, and wrecked
Now your world is shattered into pieces
Now you don’t even dare to make wishes

But my friend, wipe your tears
Look up and open your ears
There’s no rainbow without rain
Stick up your faith, never let it drain

Vania Valencia/Contributor/VMN/BL
Editor: Ruth Berliana