Brand Image in Effects

(Business Lounge – Marketing) – “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.”-Mark Twain-

Mark Twain was an American author famous for its book, The Adventure of Tom Sawyer. You read it on the elementary, aren’t you? He was also widely known as a humorist, and his quote contains a funny, if not satire nor sarcastic colour tone. He sometimes jokes around about his point of view, but hey, you know it’s true, aite ? Society demands satisfaction, If you dont fit in the eye of the society, you’re an outcast, that’s how the system works today. After all, society makes you wear Ted Baker and Rolex, right ? Hey, I’m not saying it a bad thing, I mean, Ted Baker ? Who doesnt want those ? But my point is, if you dont wear what the society wants you to wear, get lost.

Brand image, is similar to this statement. Brand, is an outer image of your product, an image that defines your product, defines who you are and what you stands for. Sounds cheap ? Think about this, imagine your favourite Sauvignon Blanc…in a plastic bottle ? I’ll give you a moment of silence now…what the hell, right ? Yes, what the hell ? Imagine Jackson Estate bottled your favourite nectar of Gods in a cheap plastic bottle. How do you look at them now ?

 “Of course I’ll switch brand !”

Really ? It’s the same wine you know, but they’re just replace the burgundy bottle with a Mountain Dew bottle, nothing’s changed inside.

“I don’t care, I’ll switch brand”

Really ?

“Yeah, that’s final”

Okay, cool.

See how it ruins the whole thing ? It ruins the wine. It ruins the taste in your mouth. It ruins its image. Yes, image is important. Image is essential. You might look down at candy wrappers like its useless. But it’s the whole thing that covers your entire products. The “cloth” that wrapped the naked body. It is a huge part of the deal.

That’s why Brand Image is important. People wanted to see who you are. What personalized you. What kind of clothing that defines you. People will notice wether you’re a Louis Vuitton material or a cheap copy. Keep in mind that your image defines who you are. Don’t judge the book by its cover ? COME ON, this is business, this ain’t no philosophy. In business, you make money, and YES, many people, I’d say again, MANY people will judge you by your cover. People’s not gonna rush to do business with you like a women who rush to the discount rack. But in the contrary, or like the French said, au contrarie, people will look at you first like a lady admiring a Louis Vuitton handbag or a gentlemen who looks for dents in an expensive Italian loafers.

(Michael Judah/IC/bl-md)